Thursday, June 10, 2010

Utah May 2010

Thanks to Jet Blue's great sale we were able to get to Utah in May for a last minute visit. We are really grateful because the tickets for this summer are super unaffordable for us and we wouldn't have made it out this year at all.
While in Utah we got to make the rounds, see everyone and have a good time. Here are some pictures of while we were there. (Mostly Dale, of course!)
We went to the zoo with some of my siblings and my mom: The only animal that Dale really knows is a dag and once he realized that anything was moving and living at the zoo he declared it to be a dog. Then he wanted to run away from us and play. We learned that this summer isn't maybe the best time for the zoo.

I think that the carousel was Dale's favorite part of the zoo. When it stopped he didn't want to let go or get off.

Dale ate not only his own ice cream cone, but he also stole Ryan's and ate it as well. Poor Ryan.

I know that no one but Geoffrey wants to hear this, but to Dale Geoffrey is magical. He is the one person that Dale doesn't ever seem to need to warm up to, he just loves him. It's a lot of fun to watch. And Geoffrey is a good sport about it too.
Dale loves to play in the water, but he kept getting too close the sprinkler and getting shot really hard. We really need to get something that we can plug onto a hose for his to play with here., but for now the beaches have been fine. Just a little too far away to go regularly.
And Rebekah, Oh Rebekah, continually teaching Dale new messy troublesome things. Good thing we love her.

Thanks for helping us have a great time while we were out there.


Crystal said...

Just passing this along

Fellow Classmates,

Time has flown by! It seems only yesterday we were all gathered together tossing our caps into the air and celebrating the future ahead of us as the class of 2000 from Wasatch High. Now, ten years later, we are preparing to join together and commemorate where life has taken each of us since graduation.

Please consider this letter an invitation to attend our class reunion which will be held August 14th, 2010 from 4 pm to 8 pm. The meeting location will be at the new high school (930 S 500 E) and the dress is casual. A gathering at the Heber Park will also take place the same day from 11:00-1:00. You may bring your children, along with your own lunch, to mingle and meet with the other classmates and their families. There will be some games and various activities, so please RSVP for the park to Kendra at 801.910.0848 or e-mail The evening gathering is for adults only!

The following are details regarding our reunion:
• CafĂ© Rio will be catering dinner. The cost will be $15 per person or $30 per couple. You may pay for the meal through either PayPal ( or send your money directly to Aubrey Mahoney 10627 Welsh Valley, San Antonio, TX 78254.
• A photo book is being put together with a brief write-up and photo of each classmate. Please submit a photo and 200 words or less description about what you have been up to since high school by June 20th. You may e-mail this to or mail to Stefanie Gillespie 8518 Seven Hills Drive, Bakersfield, CA 93312. This photo book is a great way to find out what your classmates have been doing, so please send in your information!
o You may order the photo book ahead of time by sending your request to Or, a sample book will be available to order at the reunion. The price for the book will be between $20 and $35.
• Please take an online survey to collect fun statistics on our classmates at
• If possible, join the Facebook group Wasatch Class of 2000 Ten Year Reunion to stay updated on news and information regarding the reunion. Or, you can send your current e-mail and mailing address to
• If you are interested, you may bring extra pictures you have from high school to put on a “picture-swap” table at the reunion.

This is a momentous occasion to celebrate, and your presence at the reunion only makes it more enjoyable! Please help spread the word and come re-unite with your friends and classmates from Wasatch High’s Class of 2000. You may contact Stefanie Gillespie at 801.361.3806 with any questions or comments.

See you soon,

Reunion Planning Committee