Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh, How Praying Rests the Weary!

The other night was kinda rough with Dale, he simply did not want to sleep. Ryan had been up with him for quite awhile and Dale needed to eat so we switched spots - I took Dale and Ryan went to the bedroom to sleep. However, he fell asleep on his knees at the side of the bed while praying. Apparently he slept like that for four hours. Praying really does rest the weary.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

~Our Tiny Dictator Turns One Month Old~

Hip hip hooray! Dale turned one month old today. He is a wonderful little boy. Using our very calibrated home measurement systems we think that he is just under nine and a half pounds and is about twenty inches long. He is generally a very calm, content and attentive baby - he likes to be held upright so that he can see what is going on. He is getting much stronger - he is able to lift his head up and hold it steady but still doesn't have enough control to put it down slowly so when he gets tired his head just flops down. While playing on the floor he kicks so much that he moves all around - he doesn't know which way he is headed, nor does he care - but he is a very active baby. When he is on his tummy this means that he mostly scoots around in a circle, pivoting around his head. Dale is willing to tolerate tummy time - to humor his parents - for about ten minutes before beginning to cry. He is amazing and we love him.

On the flip side, there are things that Dale does that seem to be planned (I'm sure they aren't) and done to humor him. He seems to know that the best time to pee is just as the diapers are being switched, the best time to play happily is between 11 pm and 2 am and the best time to spit up is when mommy is burping him without a burpcloth. And still - we love him.

Here are a few (okay, lots of) pictures of our little man, I've tried to include some of the funny faces that we see. Enjoy-
This is a common face that we see when he wakes up - he makes slight kissy faces and shifts his eyes back and forth - at least he doesn't shift his eyes at Ryan and I any more.

Still waking up: we are grateful that he awakes happily (until he realizes that his diaper is dirty)

Opa - a big stretch:

The day that Dale was born one of his eyes was so goopy that he could only open one of them until I asked a nurse to clean it off. As he wakes up now, Dale often will open one eye - as if he is checking out what's going on, if it is worth it to wake up fully.

I love it when Dale arches his head back, it makes him look so differently - his little neck rolls actually turn into a neck and it is so adorable.

Hey look - my boys are sleeping again! (Ryan did get some pretty bad pictures of me sleeping with him, but since I post to the blog I escape again, ha ha)

Dale does not like sponge baths, but he did enjoy his first real bath. He loved sitting in the warm water and having it dripped over him. He also loves being wrapped and warmed up in his fish towel (thanks Grandma) after the bath. And the color is beautiful on him, it really accentuates his eyes - which are turning blue like his daddy's. (And while we are on that note our baby boy is not blonde, he has medium brown hair, the flash from the camera simply makes it look blondish) Our beautiful baby boy!

Dale loves to suck on things. If he can he will stick his fingers (or his whole fist if he is hungry enough) into his mouth.

I just thought that Dale looked silly:

More of Dale munching on himself...

With Grandma Alice:

Here Dale is in his carseat, one of the few pictures that I have been able to get with a semblance of a smile. (He smiles a lot, but always knows when I turn the camera on to capture it- one day...)

My boys are so cute!!!

Dale loves his fuzzy blankets

This is the best picture that I have been able to get of left ear. He has little folds at the top of his ear, just like his daddy. One of Ryan's ears is rigid at the top, with little folds and Dale has it too.

And when we get frustrated for being left on our belly for too long...

Contemplating, with the touch of a smile:

Absolutely perfect...

and aware...

Mommy should be picking me up instead of taking pictures, and I'm going to let her know-

Beautiful, and fuzzy...

Chillin on my favorite blankie...

This is the first time that we really tried to give him a toy to play with, and they wrestled and the little froggie ended up getting the best of Dale. Dale however began to gum the frog and seemed quite pleased with himself.

Going for those fingers again, and if the fingers don't do it I will munch on my wrist.

And check out my tongue...

I make the silliest faces when I am waking up...

~Tummy Time~

*Sleeping Soundly*

*a profile view*

Dale does not like to be burped, he arches his head back and kicks both legs like a frog instead

When Dale sleeps on our laps he likes to stretch out and lower his head, then fall soundly asleep again.

~being burped~

*Once again Daddy has rescued me from a spongebath, I love my Daddy*

Here's another shot from Rebekah - Dale is tiny, Ryan is not

Groggy Dale

Happy Dale - he loves to be propped up using the Boppy (thanks Tonya!)

Chilling in the stroller before our first walk around the complex

Outside with Grandma JuLee (who I think was almost as excited about the warm sunny weather as she was to see us - I think the rankings went 1 - Dale, 2 - Sunshine, 3 - Ryan and Katherine)

More sitting in the boppy

Look at me lift my head on my tummy. I am SO buff!

Aunt Brittany thinks I'm cute! And it's true, I am.

Look Tonya, I can suck my thumb just like my cousin Josh! (Should my mom be making a blankie friend as well???)

Check out all that hair (aka - peach fuzz), at least in this picture it doesn't look blonde

My boys again. I love them!

-more tummy time-

-and more tummy time-

-I'm hungry mommy - feed me!

*Yawn and stretch*

~and and even bigger yawn~

And one last thumb-sucking picture...

We love you Dale! We are grateful for the blessings, joy and love that you have brought to our family!

And I suppose that we shall reward those that have stuck through this whole post with a tidbit of information... we are moving to Maine in March! Ta da!