Friday, March 26, 2010

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Here are some miscellaneous pictures that didn't really fit into any of the other catergories that I've posted recently. I'm pretty tired - it is way past my bedtime and words are hard, so here are some more pictures. They range from last fall through about a week and a half ago. (The most recent are at the end of this post, in the bathtub)
Here is Dale the Chemist. Specialty: Stinky explosions!
He loved playing in the leaves this fall.

This was Dale telling me that I should have moved my pantry. I ignored this warning.
Only to turn around two days later as we were late for church to find this: (which I covered with a towel and we changed quickly and left for church)

And we love the swings at the preschool...

Our little pole dancer...

We love to play Rockband at our friend's house. Dale loves the drums...

Our beautiful baby boy (and his teeth. he's got twelve now)
Getting ready for church...
A padawan now... a jedi later...
One of the families in the branch gave us this walker/riding toy and Dale loves it.

I told you that he loves his yogurt... however, he does not love it in his eyes (those pictures have been omitted)
And lastly, Dale loves bubbles! He loves the bathtub and the water. We are excited to get him to the swimming pool.

I am tired. We are going to bed now. Nighty night!

Dale loves to play in the snow. We actually haven't had very much snow this year. All of the outside pictures are from our front yard. Isn't Dale a gorgeous little man? We love him so much!