Sunday, May 10, 2009

~*~ Mommy's Day ~*~

Well. We've arrived. Obviously. And there is lots to say. But, it is late on Mother's Day and we are hoping to get to bed shortly. We are tired. I am at least. Dale is sleeping. Ryan looks tired too. And a bit scraggly. He needs another haircut. But, as a special treat for our mommies on mommies day, we are downloading videos below. So, as long as they are downloading I shall type. And then, I shall go to bed. Quickly, quietly and I shall enjoy it. There to remain in blissful slumber until the bloody birds begin to sing around 4:30 (yes 4 friggin 30) at which point in time I shall moan and roll over until our sweet little gooberman wakes us. So, let's go through some pictures. (Videos will be noted for clarity this time around)
Dale has been getting a lot stronger, and has been tolerating tummy time for longer than previously. He has begun to push his chest up using his arms and when he tires of the indignity of tummy time he starts to push and kick even harder. He isn't far from rolling from his tummy to his back. He has no desire, however, to roll from his back to his tummy. In fact, he prefers to spend as much time in vertical, rather than horizontal, positions as possible. He loves to sit up and stand - both while supported, but sitting alone should be coming quickly.

This is what the birdies should be doing at 4:30 - perhaps Ryan will let them know with his slingshot sometime soon, although I doubt it. Dale still loves his burpcloths, though as he continues to become more enamored with colors, shapes and other contrasts he spends more time looking at them and trying to eat them - though I suppose that comes from more hand control and interest in gumming everything.

Dale has recently become very interested in toys and toes. This is a toy that my cousin sent him and it has been his favorite toy. He loves to watch the lights and listen to the music and has recently discovered the joys of eating it. Yummy yummy - different textures! He has also started to grab his rattles, though I don't think he realizes that he is the one making noise when he does that. And the other day he grabbed Ryan's glasses and quickly threw them across the room. (I did find it funnier than Ryan)

We haven't picked a new pediatrician yet, so we haven't had our 4 month check-up yet. However when we measured our little chunk of a man last week he came in at 26 inches and 18 lbs 5 ounces. "My, my... what yummy thighs you have..."

This is about how I feel right now... because the bloody video hasn't finished loading. And we were planning on posting two. Hmmm.... Apparently I will be posting this tomorrow. Maybe the video will load while I slumber, that sounds pleasant. Sleepy sleepy time.

Another picture of Dale's mighty muscularity. Muscularity?!? Ha! However, who noticed that the size 2 diapers are getting mighty tiny - almost string bikini-esque. Poor kid. And poor mommy who is trying to use the last few that we have - she is usually fast enough when she hears a poopsplosion, but not always.

And this is what Dale will look like with hair. But, if he's lucky his hairline won't be so low. But, considering baldness genes from both grandpas maybe he'd like a really low hairline to begin with. Keep his hair until maybe his mid-twenties at least. Long enough to snag a pretty girl. (Hmm, maybe I shouldn't type while I am tired. But I would really like at least the first video to load, then I can sleep while the second one does and just click on publish in the morning. I should be so lucky)
GAH! I already forgot that this picture was on here. Such sweet slumber. And I really, really think that I should head to bed. I know that I shouldn't type everything that I think about and there are lots of those things that float around while I am only kinda sorta with it. (And while I ramble - Rebekah, I apologize for my wicked awesome grammar, spelling and made-up words in this post. Only truly - I'm not really sorry at all. But, I am really excited for you to be back and for you to meet my darling baby boy. Just watch out or he will try to eat you (video below (but not right below) for verification of that comment)
Bloody heavens. Goodnight. Happy Mother's Day. Better luck with this tomorrow I suppose. And adieu (tight like unto a dish!)
This is a VIDEO. Dale and I were brawling on the couch. As noted in the video, I lose. (Also as noted above Dale's interest in gumming everything.)

This next VIDEO is the first time that we have really captured the elusive giggle on camera. We love to hear it and hope that you will too.

And, as a final note - 5:07 is just as early as 4:30.