Wednesday, April 14, 2010

~ Easter and More Parks ~

Well, my pictures got all scrambled when I put them up this time and it takes SO long to reorder them once they've been uploaded - so I'm not going to. We will take them as they come. This post is mostly pictures of Dale's first Easter Egg hunt - no cutesy dressed up picture of the family for Easter - we thank general conference for the opportunity to spend Easter at home, in our jammies.
Dale was pretty content to simply put something into each hand and then run towards the road.
So Daddy grabbed one of Dale's buckets (he loves to put stuff in them) and showed Dale how he could put all of the eggs into the bucket.

This was supposed to be the first picture. This is the extent of Dale's Easter egg hunt. The Easter Bunny was kind enough to leave Dale six small eggs, with a few jelly beans in each one and a few starbursts in some and five mini plastic cars from tonka - he even knew to bring the train set. Lucky Dale. This was Dale picking up his first egg. He didn't realize that they opened until we showed him much later, at which point he forgot. After a few days of coming across eggs that rattled (aka- jelly beans) (which, by the way, Dale does not like jelly beans we learned - he will chew them for a bit, intentionally spit them out and in the few cases that we didn't see this happen we had to pick them out of the carpet later. Maybe next year the Easter Bunny will give him chocolate instead. He loves chocolate.) Dale learned that there should be something in the egg - and when he comes across them now he will immediately bring them to me to check inside.

I am convinced that most of Dale's childhood photos will consist of two poses. In the first pose, he will not be paying attention to me at all and the photo will consist of his forehead and whatever he is playing with. The other picture will be when he notices that I do have the camera and it will be a picture of him, super close to the camera with his finger on the lens.
And this is how our Easter Egg Hunt ended, looking just about as it did when we started.

He then played in the planter boxes, bushes, dirt and tried to run into the road again (and again, and again, and again)

And now we are back at the park.
Toddler Bowling! Ryan wanted to roll Dale down the hill - Dale isn't quite old enough to understand. He was NOT pleased. He stopped and tried to stand up, at which time Ryan laid him back down and tried to roll him again. Dale expressed his opinion and Ryan did not try again.
This is the best swing that our park has - however you have to be VERY careful, as you might notice there is no strap between Dale's legs. If he squirms too much or you push too high Dale begins to slide out. This is always a two parent swing. And it never lasts long - which is too bad because Dale loves to swing.
He loves to play in the sand. He likes to eat it and pick it up and drop it. He also likes to get it in his shoes which we always forget to take off until he is sitting on the couch. Doh!
Dale dressed for chuch, playing with one of mommy's make-up brushes. (well, it's Dale's now - he has two of his own because I'm not a big fan of using spittled brushes)
And now... drumroll please... the waterville park! This park has age appropriate swings. Yeah!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

~ Our Baby Boy is Growing Up ~

It's amazing - we post pictures of Dale and people want to come visit. I can't blame them of course - Dale is wonderful. He loves to play, especially outside and has decided that running away from us is hilarious. In the park the past few days he's even decided that trying to fake out Ryan like you would in football is so funny. He starts to laugh each time that he changes directions and eventually ends up laughing so hard that he falls down. Silly boy.

Dale loves to play the piano. He will grab on of our thumbs and take us to the piano, so that we can set him on the bench. This works reasonably well, the biggest problem - if we turn our backs for even a moment he climbs up onto the piano and tries to crawl along the keys.

I was trying to get a picture of Dale's bedhead after his nap, but he wouldn't let me get a side picture. He often wakes up with a bedhead mohawk after his naps. His hair is pretty thin still, but in the back it is coarse enough that it sticks out almost all of the time and there is a slight curl in all of it, showing mostly after naps and baths.

I LOVE!!!! this picture!

As you can see above, we love the park - we are so fortunate to live within walking distance of the preschool/kindergarten building so that we can use their playground. Dale loves it. The past few days when we've gone there have been little boys just older than Dale and he had simply followed them around trying to do whatever they were doing. No pictures obviously, as that would be creepy.
Dale loves to pretend to help in the kitchen. Because Daddy wears an apron a lot when he works in the kitchen, Dale has decided to wear one as well. He knows where it is kept in the kitchen and he will grab it from the drawer and bring it to me to put it on him. Next time we are close to a fabric store I plan on picking up some fabric and making him his own apron. Then I can use mine.

Being cute is so tiring. Love you all!