Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Superbowl Saturday

The Superbowl (...sadness for the Patriots...) was held in Glendale Arizona this year at the University of Phoenix Stadium (which looks like it could take off at a moments notice), about 15 minutes from our apartment. The whole week before the game there were tons of activities going on, all over the valley. We couldn't afford to go to most of the activities, but the night before the game there was a free block party in Tempe, about 45 minutes away. We decided that we could afford to go to that. After a $5 parking fee, a short walk, a stop at the porta-potties and a 10 minute security line we found ourselves at one of the best free concerts I've ever been at. The band Boys Like Girls played and I must say that I was impressed. While they played we walked around and checked out some of the vendors and the Superbowl hot air balloon (I have seen more hot air balloons here than in a long time). We then were treated to a free concert by the Counting Crows, it was wonderful. At the end of the night there was a GREAT fireworks show. The fireworks were set off from the bridge leaving the park, it was so close that we could feel the rumble as the fireworks went into the sky, and we loved it.
I love how many neighborhood activities are hosted here, it seems that if we research a bit we can always find something to do. And it's warm... what more could we ask for...