Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ryan says "Look what Kafrin did!"

Traci keeps pestering me (very lovingly however) to post pictures of our crib.
- Don't you cage babies in there? I don't know if I'm ready to cage a baby!! - Though I guess that as he grows he keeps getting further into my ribcage, so by the time he comes I bet I'd rather cage him in a crib than in my ribs)

We bought our crib almost two months ago and I made our crib skirt and all of the sheets (slowly - this is why no pictures until now). After looking at many options and poking around I decided that we didn't want a crib bumper or quilt, but did want a crib skirt and a plethora of matching sheets (at the suggestion of my sisters-in-law). However, all of the bright crib stuff was only available in sets (way too expensive, especially to toss the bumper and quilt) and all of the ala carte things that I could find were so pastel-ly, simply not bright enough. And one day I realized that these are all simple and that I could make them. And that is what I did - I even got to use rick rack, one of my favorites!

(check out that rick-rack)

I will be making a blanket that matches the sheets and skirt but I haven't decided on the exact pattern. When I finish that (after I start it) I will post something on it as well - hopefully it will be chique.

(Yes, we did buy the whole crib but haven't put the fourth side on yet - I wanted to be able to measure and fit things easily and thought that it would be easier without the last side on.)

We are excited to see everyone this next week and hope that it snows!

* Side note - a big thanks to Lindsie Luke who has been sewing-machine-less for the past month. I really appreciate her willingness to lend it to me. When she's lucky I will even return it.


jessi said...

You guys are getting so close to having this little boy. Great job with the sewing. I always had intentions to make my crib bedding, but it never got done. One more thing you ready to go!!!

Melissa said...


Your crib is beautiful. I love all of the work you put into the sheets and skirt.