Sunday, January 4, 2009

~ The Blankie ~

Well, Lindsie's sewing machine has been very busy the past little while. Here is what it has been up to:

We bought a little bassinett to go right by our bed for the first few months and because I gave Ryan very little (mostly zero) say on what our crib decor was going to look like he got to pick out the fabric for the bassinett sheets. Hence: basketball, construction, justice league superheroes and dinosaurs. Then I used scrap fabric to decorate some burp cloths.
Here is the blankie. I think that it turned out very well. No rick-rack, but beautiful and bright nonetheless. And here is the back of the blanket - a little boring, but fuzzy and warm.
Now if this little boy would simply come we are all ready - or as ready as I think that we can be.


Melissa said...


You are amazing. The blanket, sheets and burp cloths are beautiful. You really have a talent for sewing.