Thursday, August 20, 2009

Picture Post 1of 3

I know, I'm uber behind. Here is the first of three posts with pictures, perhaps with commentary - it will depend on if I get bored, or Dale needs to eat or blah, blah, blah...

I honestly don't remember what was going on here:

On my birthday we went to the head light lighthouse in Portland. We didn't know that it was family day there. We got Dale out and we were going to picnic, but there weren't any shady spots left. So, we picniced in the car and left. Hmm..

Reading Goodnight Moon from Grandma. Dale loves his books, sometimes they are food for thought, sometimes- simply food.

Sunday naps for the boys...

Probably one of Dale's favorite toys is this bunny. He LOVES to chew on it, especially when teething and tired.

This picture is for my dad. We love you!

Our first meal of solids - yummy rice cereal.