Thursday, August 20, 2009

Picture Post 3 of 3

Monster Jammies:

Drums, whisks and spoons - oh my! Also, note that I am sitting all by myself. w00t for me!

A few weeks ago we went to "The Central Maine Egg Festival" and yes, you read that right. It was in the park about two blocks from our house. Dale got to wear his awesome hat and we went out.

My favorite sign - the gone to Walmart one. Ha!

Being pushed in the stroller is apparently exhausting. However Dale ALWAYS falls asleep in the stroller if we go for an extended walk (not including the grocery store).

Awake again!

This is how his hair looks after he naps. I LOVE IT! It is long enough but still fine enough to curl slightly - I wonder if there will be some curl like Ryan has or if it will be straight as can be like mine?

Dale was playing in the laundry basket and tried to climb out and it tipped over and he bruised his nose pretty good. Sweet little baby!

Dale is growing like a weed, and mobile. In the last week or so he has started to crawl and can pull himself up to standing. He isn't cruising quite yet but is getting closer everyday. He has become impatient with sitting and rolling and we spend a lot of time each day with him holding my hands as he stands. He's got his two front bottom teeth and one on top is coming in (not one of the two front teeth, but the right one just off from that). We estimate that he's about 22 pounds and just over 28 inches long. Goodness golly our baby is growing up!

And, as a side note - the deer in the headlights look is what we get in most pictures - he loves the camera that much!


Jeff and Chelsy said...

that top picture is a mini ryan...too cute!