Friday, March 26, 2010

Leaves, Leaves, Grandma Alice and More Leaves!

Grandma Alice came to visit in early October and we had a great time. She really wanted to see the leaves and came at the perfect time. This post really does not do justice to all of the leaves that were subjected upon us.
Dale loves to go to the park. Luckily, we live about 2 blocks from the preschool in town and they have a pretty nice playground that has slides and such that are closer to Dale's size (and they aren't death traps like some of the larger play areas around).
I couldn't get this picture to load correctly, but I love it, so here it is anyways.

Dale really enjoys 'driving' the car. It used to work out really well to nurse him in the car, but as he became more mobile and aware he decided that he would rather play with the steering wheel, honk the horn, or lock and unlock the doors. Of course we headed to the Portland Head Light.

When we were in Portland with my mom, we went and checked out some lighthouses and old revolutionary war 'ruins'. There was a sandy beach right by one of the lighthouses and Dale had at it. We can't wait to take him to the beaches this summer.

Later that week we headed to Acadia National Park. You are able to drive to the highest peak on the Island, about 1500 ft, and here are some pictures. Unbeknownst to us, we picked the same day to go there that the Queen Victoria (Queen Mary?) cruise ship was docking in the harbor. The ship was giant, and made the harbor seem so small. On one hand it was a bit of a bummer to have so many other people around, but on the other hand it was nice because almost everything was open (past tourist season). (The place we went for lobster was closed for the season, but we did find an acceptable substitute for my mom to get her boiled lobster dinner - Ryan and I both had fish)
This was the day that Dale decided it was only acceptable to ride on mommy's shoulders if he was pulling her hair. Shortly after this picture was taken he started throwing himself backwards and laughing when he used my hair to catch himself. Ouchies!
This is outside of our house.

Here are some pictures of the fall as we drove around.

Up at Moosehead Lake we had lunch at the Black Frog (excellent and highly recommended). Dale didn't want to sit in the high chair but played around and talked to other patrons while we had lunch.