Friday, March 26, 2010

...Hello Flatlanders From Away Out West...

I suppose that I aught to explain the title. It has three Maine colloquiolisms (Rebekah, please excuse my too laziness to check the spelling) in it. Anyone that isn't from the Maine coast they call a Flatlander (because the Maine coast has such extreme mountains... maybe hills... or perhaps bumps... slopes... anyone... Beuhler?) If you aren't from Maine at all you are 'from away' and when they talk about the western states they say 'out west' I guess like we say 'back east' (which they look at us like we're a bit bonkers when we say that - probably how we look at them when they tell us that we are flatlanders from out west).
So, for the holidays, we went out west to visit flatlanders from far away. And, we had a wonderful time.
Our first day in Heber, Dale had a tea party with some of his cousins. It was darling - however, his cousins are all faster than him and had run away by the time that I returned with the camera. But it is okay, I still love them.
Dale got to spend lots of quality time with Grandma JuLee, especially while mommy was sick. The next time we come to visit, do you think that you can keep your germs at bay? We hope so. (And please forgive us if your kid got the ickies as well)
My father tried to give Dale his first popsicle, and much to his dismay, Dale didn't much care for it. But Dale says not to despair Grandpa, because that's all been taken care of now. He now loves popsicles (but not the grape ones) and will eat as many as you want to share with him. He will even pay with sticky kisses and handprints.
At the early Christmas Eve Berg party, Dale was a sheperd in the nativity. He mostly crawled away and tried to correct Paul on the piano, a bit to Paul's dismay.

A family friend gave my mother this pig for Christmas, saying that it was something that all grandmothers need. You turn it on and it oinks, wiggles its nose and tail and walks. Dale loved/loves it. I say loves it because someone packed it into our bag without our knowledge and we found it when we unpacked at home. Mommy and daddy do not so much care for the pig, but Dale loves it. We owe Grandma a new one, especially since this pig has suffered an unfortunate leg-breaking incidient.
More of the Bradway Family Christmas get-together.

Dale loved being on David's shoulders, almost as much as he loves Rebekah's bird noises.

Dale's Berg cousins were playing a game (the rules of which I'm still not quite clear on) and he really wanted to play with them. Luckily, Traci let him have a candy to chew on - until he got the wrapper open and it was time to be mean mommy and take it away.

Visiting friends...

This is a house up by my parents house, and no one believes Ryan and I when we talk about how gaudy it can be. Here is a picture, although the picture doesn't leave you temporarily blind like the house does.
Finally a picture with Santa, whom we hate...
Every year as we grew up I remember going to Temple Square on Christmas Eve to see the temple lights before going home, acting out the nativity (before we all grew up, knew better and got attitudes) and getting new Christmas pajamas. (Then threatening Schmecks to not wake us all up too early - that girl... I love her, but I don't think I always liked her on Christmas mornings) But, we were able to get together with most of my siblings and go to Temple Square. It was wonderful. I love the memories of going when we were little and it was fun to do it again (this is why we own the Temple Square painting that we keep in our front room - because it reminds me of such good times)
Here are a few pictures from that night (and Geoffrey - I am still lusting after your camera, if you don't want it anymore I'll pay for the shipping...)

I LOVED how the Church simplified their nativity scene this year. I loved how there was one elegant scene set up and the temple stood in the background of Baby Jesus. it was a comforting reminder of the blessing of Christ and His Atonement.
A little dancing in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building as we debated where to go for dinner.
No, we didn't go to Crown BurgerS for dinner but if you know why this picture is here, you know why it needs to be. And we love you!
We had a wonderful time in the flatlands with our family and friends. Thank you. We love you!