Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh Schmecks!

In September and October we were lucky enough to twice be graced by the presence of 'the schmecks,' otherwise known as Auntie Schmeck-Wecks. It was wonderful to have her come and visit and we hope that she'll make her way out again this year. I understand that having to jumpseat can be so painful, but then again, so can paying...
We picked her up at the airport in Portland and took her to see some of the Portland sights. This is the Portland Head Light, the most well known lighthouse in Maine.

I had to include the next two pictures to show everyone what a beautiful place we live in. it is gorgeous, especially in the summer. It is finally warming up enough that we can start to make excursions again. Yea! The pictures were making me antsy.
Rebekah took about 15 pictures before we got one with all of us (aka Dale) looking at the camera.

Then we went to another lighthouse and walked through some old ruins. After that we headed to the race track and watched some cart racing. Rebekah acted like a 4 year old and would go stand at the fence and cheer. Silly gooberette.
Then it was off to the candy store. The moose behind us is made of solid chocolate.

On the drive up to our house we stopped at the DeLorme headquarters and went in to see Eartha, the world's largest rotating globe. Rebekah was showing Dale where she had been when he was born.
Later that week we drove up to Moosehead Lake and Dale got to play in the water. He enjoyed it even though it was brr-cold!

Since we live in 'Bean Country' we had Schmecks take a picture of us in front of the big boot.
And we took Dale in to see the fish tank. I think that everyone was more interested in looking at us than Dale was in looking at the fish.

We ended Schmeck's visit in Boston. She babysat Dale so that we could attend the temple together. (Thanks again little sister!) We went to the Boston Commons, walked part of the Freedom trail and ate well at Quincy Market. Then Rebekah ditched us to play with the cool kids (aka her friends from U-Mass) so we played with Dale in the Boston Commons. He loved the grass, the dirt and the duckling statues based on the book Make Way for Ducklings.

Ironically, he didn't care much for the live ducks. Why you ask? Because there was grass on the ground. Green grass.

We met back up with Rebekah in the Commons and played some more.
On our way back to the hotel, we stopped at the Boston Temple to take some pictures. It had been pouring when we went so we hadn't taken any then.

Back at the hotel, Dale modeled the shirt that Rebekah brought him from Australia for everyone. The shark's mouth opens and there is a happy go-lucky smiling octopus inside. I'm sure it's very realistic. Pretty soon Dale should be big enough to wear it.
The next morning we dropped her off at the Boston airport and drove back home. Thanks for coming to visit. We love you Schmeck-eroo!


Lydia said...

Looks like such a fun a beautiful place!

I'm glad you posted again!

Chocolate Moose... ha ha! Maybe I'm silly for thinking that's a funny pun, but that's okay.

To me, Dale definitely looks like Ryan's son.

I hope you're all doing well!

Melissa said...

I love the pictures. Dale is so cute. It is so beautiful in Maine. I want to come an visit. Thanks for the update.